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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Imperfect ….But Chosen

Sometimes, I wonder why He chose me. I believe you do wonder the same too, don’t you? Paul wrote, “… we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.” 2 Corinthians 4:7 (NKJV). You see, the vessels may be imperfect but God’s call is ALWAYS perfect.

I have always been strong in some areas and frail in others, sure about one thing while worried to death about another; and I know you have been too. Yet in the midst of this paradox, He called us, chose us, anointed us and blessed us for His glory. As the apostle Paul said, “… that the excellence of power may be of God and not of us”. It will be no big deal when I see Arnold Schwarzenegger bring down a giant; but it sure is a mystery to me when a ‘David’ brings down a ‘Goliath’. It will show that the excellence of the power is not of man but of God.

To use us is like painting a Picasso on inexpensive canvas. Friends, God does His best work with inferior materials. God writes straight with crooked instruments. Don’t worry if you faint sometimes. The best of men would faint, if they did not receive grace from God. And that grace has helped us out, helped us on and will help us even to the end.

Many of us are emancipated but incapacitated. Friends, you have been saved, set free, delivered and redeemed so you can go ahead and show the world what the grace of God can do. We are earthen vessels, but inside us are heavenly treasures. Now move forward and let the world know that God is doing His best work, and He is using inferior materials like you and me. We are weak clay vessels, pottery that can be broken, yet that’s His choice. So you see, if you are broken, you are a prime candidate for the master’s use. The day I read that He chooses the useless things to confound the wise, I knew I qualified. By the way the world does not need gifted men outwardly empowered; we need broken men and women inwardly transformed.

I will leave you all for now, if we don’t meet again, I will see you at the dinner table in Papa’s house.

Rev. Kingsley Ayesu.