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Are There Hypocrites In Our Churches??

There are too many hypocrites in church!

I believe you have heard it said many times that there are too many hypocrites in church. There are even some who say that is why they do not go to church, thus when they find a hypocrite-free and perfect church they will join. Well a good friend of mine once said that, when you find a perfect church  please do not join it, since you will make it imperfect by joining it.

The Christ of the church is perfect. But needless to say, there is a great deal of hypocrisy in the church today. You will find a lot of people in church who parade themselves to be something they are not.  I heard the story of an actor who had not had a gig in a long time and was desperate to make some money.  So he went down to the city zoo, hoping to get a job feeding the animals. The manager at the zoo had no openings, but seeing how big this man was, he offered him another possible position. “Our gorilla died the other day, and that was one of our most popular exhibits! If we got you a special gorilla suit, would you put it on and imitate him for a few days? We’ll pay you well for it!”, declared the manager.

The guy was so desperate he agreed and did quite well over the next few days. He would dress up in his gorilla suit, beat his chest, and shake the bars of his cage. Huge crowds soon gathered at the exhibit….And the money was good! One day, while performing his gorilla act, he was swinging on a tree and accidentally lost his grip. He landed right in the middle of the lion’s den. The huge beast gave a ferocious roar. The man in the gorilla suit realized he couldn’t cry for help without revealing that he was a fake gorilla. He slowly walked backward away from the lion, hoping to climb back into his cage. The lion, with a very hungry look on his face, started to follow him. Finally in desperation the man in the gorilla suit cried out, “Help!”

Immediately the lion whispered loudly, “Shut up, stupid! You’ll get us both fired!”

Unfortunately, like the “pseudo-zoo” in this story, you will find hypocrites in the church today. Just because someone belongs to a church does not necessarily mean that he or she is a Christian. There are also genuine followers of Jesus who sometimes act hypocritical; there are also those who are true believers who have not lived the Christian life as they should. I do understand that these are facts in the church.

I personally think all Christians should wear a sign around their necks that says “Under Construction”. That is what we really are; we are a work in progress. He is not through with us yet. I encourage you fellow pilgrim, do not get discouraged when you hear such things, for when we appear in glory we will be like Him. However I encourage you to let your light shine before men that they may give glory to your king. The apostle Peter said
having your conduct honorable among the Gentiles, that when they speak against you as evildoers, they may, by your good works which they observe, glorify God in the day of visitation.” 1 Peter 2:12 (NKJV)

There’s one thing I do know that Jesus did not say, which is “Follow my people”; rather He said, “Follow me.” He will never be a hypocrite. He will never be inconsistent. He will be all He promised to be in our life.

I will leave you all for now, if we don’t meet again, I will see you at the dinner table in Papa’s house.

Rev. Kingsley Ayesu.


Christ-Likeness – Part III

“I will walk before the Lord in the land of the living” Psalm 116:9

The last time we talked about the fact that if we want to be like Christ we need to follow Him, be like Him and walk like Him.  The Christian walk is a journey and we have to walk daily with the Lord.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Christian’s walk – his daily conduct is more important than the Christian talk. It is the Christian walk that authenticates his talk. I understand that the world desperately needs to hear our testimony, but before we can effectively talk to the world, they have to see our walk with Him.  Noah walked with God, Abraham was commanded to walk before God and be blameless, Enoch walked with God and was not.

The question is how do we walk with Him? Let’s see what Paul has to say in Ephesians Chapter 5.

To walk with Him, we have to:

1. Walk in love.  Ephesians 5:2

Our Lord commanded us to relate to each other in terms of love. Without love it is impossible to prove that we have a vital relationship with Christ. He mentioned to His disciples that the only way folks will know they are his followers is when they love one another.

2.  Walk as children of Light.  Ephesians 5:8

We are to shine as light in a dark world so people can see the way to God through us. Someone said “The glow of cigarette on a dark night is visible three-fourths of a mile. The glare of a match can be seen for a mile. Light from a good flashlight is visible for one and a half miles. Light from a 100-watt lamp can be seen for twelve and a half miles.  The headlights from you car are visible for twenty miles on a clear night”. Can you then imagine how much our light can shine in the dark world? Ladies and gentlemen, as Christians, our influence can light the whole world!!!

Light dispels darkness; we are to love in such a way that others might see Christ in our lives. Light also warns travelers of dangerous obstacles along the road. The Christian’s influence should serve as a warning sign for all to observe, that there is a better way to live. An elderly blind man was seen carrying a lantern on a dark night. “Since you can’t see, why are you carrying a lantern on a dark night?” asked an interested friend. “I carry a lantern at night,” he said “so that others won’t stumble over me.”

Ladies and gentlemen, light make no noise. Lighthouses sound no drums. They just shine; shine for your King.

3.  Walk in wisdom.  Ephesians 5:15-16

Walking in wisdom means to live humbly and creatively in the home, in our neighborhoods, in the office and in every facet of our relationships with humanity.

4.  Accept His attitude.  Ephesians 5:1-2

Copy Christ’s attitude towards humanity; His attitude towards God, towards sin and judgment and accept his perspective as our perspective.

5.  Identify with His ambitions. Ephesians 5:20

He came to do His father’s will in all things. He came to serve the needs of others rather than himself. He made known God’s love to all men without discrimination.  He loved God supremely, loved people sacrificially, steadfastly and sincerely.

I hope as you walk this journey, you will be Christ-like and folks will know you are a Christian without you necessarily telling them.

I will leave you all for now, if we don’t meet again, I will see you at the dinner table in Papa’s house.

Rev. Kingsley Ayesu.