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Thanksgiving Day=Turkey Eating Day

THANKSGIVING! It’s a time when people come together to celebrate, and many hours are dedicated to travel and preparation for the season. Since it’s been a while we had a chance to connect, I figured what better time than now.  Oh! And if you think this blog is another can of cranberries, you sure got another thing coming so buckle up!

I have been wondering for a while on what to talk about, then a couple of days ago it dawned on me why not talk about thanksgiving from the perspective of a turkey. Though cranberries are one of the many foods traditionally linked to thanksgiving, it clearly is outshined by the turkey . But then after much thought, I abandoned the idea because I did not want to ruffle your sensitivity and intelligence. So I decided to write about the turkey from a different perspective, since that’s all it’s about anyways.

Thanksgiving Day is filled with football, eating, family time, lots of love, and of course eating turkey. When the meal is served majority of us will gather around our turkey, give compliments to the chef and some families will take a couple of minutes to share what they are thankful for in their lives. We will ask everybody to go round the table and say what they are thankful for. At this time we will caution everyone to limit it to two sentences or just a couple of seconds because we don’t want the turkey to get cold; and If God is “lucky” we will ask the “most spiritual” to say a word of prayer on our behalf. Of course I know there will be an auntie or uncle who will always go a little longer, but that is another story for another day.

As society changes and evolves, the value of materialistic things and spiritual beliefs tend to be compared equally in importance. I have concluded that thanksgiving has nothing to do with giving thanks, but has everything to do with eating turkeys (I apologize to the unfortunate turkeys for tasting so delicious).

My point? It is all about the turkey! If it’s thanksgiving, what are we thankful for and who are we giving thanks to? If we are giving thanks to God as some would want us to believe, how come we don’t hear anything about Him?

I will leave you to your thoughts and reflections on the hidden motives of your heart.

I want to hear your comments and prove me wrong if thanksgiving is not about the turkey.

By the way, I hear the grocery stores are having a turkey sale; get yours before the prices go up!

Happy turkey eating day!

If we don’t meet again, I hope to see you at the dinner table in Papa’s house.


Pastor King

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