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Understanding Purpose

The beginning of a New Year offers hope for the future. It is a time when we renew our commitments to the basics. Our desire as children of God is to do better in the future than we have in the past. However, we will be deceiving ourselves if we think 2014 is going to be any different from 2013 if the purpose of our existence is unknown.

Each one of us is created for a reason, therefore there’s an unsettling feeling in the hearts of all humanity when the questions of our existence are not answered.
Two big questions which most of humanity have not answered are “Who am I?” and “why am I here?” Until these questions are answered, you can’t live a purposeful life.

Who am I?” is a question of identity which explains why humanity suffers from identity crisis. The world wants to make us who they want us to be, hence why we “wear other people” by taking that person’s identity and making it our own. That’s why Hollywood is always talking about who is wearing what designer clothing – sending a message that the label in our clothes determines our value and gives us identity.

“Why am I here?” is a question of purpose. No one came into life as an experiment, because God has a plan uniquely designed for each one of us. Therefore Ignorance of purpose does not negate purpose. PURPOSE is the ORIGINAL intent for the existence of a thing, the Reason for the existence of a thing and the DESIRED result in the mind of a manufacturer. In essence, purpose is the motivation behind the creation of a product including you.

Everything has a purpose, even mosquitoes. Everything has a part to play in creation.

The fact that you don’t know why you are here doesn’t dismiss the fact that there’s a reason for your being. Until you discover why you were born, your life will be an experiment. Dr. Myles Monroe once said “Death is not necessarily the saddest thing that can happen to you. The most tragic thing is to live a life without purpose.” It is even more horrifying to be alive and not know why.

The wise sage Solomon says; “a still born baby is better off than a man without purpose”. He further says “without purpose, life is meaningless, everything is meaningless”

Ladies and gentlemen, you are not to die old, you are to die because you finished your assignment. Life is not about duration; it is about donation. It is not how long you live but how well you live. Jesus died at age 33, JFK died at age 43, and MLK died at 39, yet their impacts have outlasted their generations. You were born with a destiny and with an assignment to be delivered to your generation. If you die without fulfilling that purpose, you have rendered your generation and humanity as a whole bankrupt.

In my last blog I wrote that even MAGGOTS – as insignificant as they may be- its maggots that break down matter into dirt again. If God has a purpose for maggots, and roaches, why would you think there’s no reason for your existence?
When purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable. When you abuse purpose, it self-destructs!

It’s a new year; ask your maker why you were born and what your gifts and talents are. Once you answer these questions, you will begin to enjoy life and life will begin to make sense.


I’ll leave you for now. If we don’t meet again, I hope to see you at the dinner table in Papa’s house.



Pastor King

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